November 18, 2008

The Wide Web

A friend at church asked me yesterday how I chose where to put photos of Abby online, so I thought I would share a bit of how I have spread out on the world wide web, and I really have streched out to enjoy the stay!

  • You obviously know about this blog, you're reading it!
  • I also jointly blog  with Anny over HERE to keep people informed about Abby as she grows, and she really is growing!
  • We have a recipe storage blog, HERE, where we keep things that we would like to be able to access no matter where we are, without having to sign up for another service.
  • I am also a monthly contributor for the PC(USA) blog.  I was asked to answer questions as an Elder, which I am, but I have turned it around to asking Questions to the Community on very non-controversial issues like stewardship and photos on the web.
  • I'm on Facebook, which I avoided for a long time at the request of my sister.  I have had fun catching up with old friends.  I don't accept a friend request of someone that I don't know outside of FB, so it's managable.
  • I'm a member on the DadLabs Crib, where I am more direct with fatherly type questions and feedback for others.  It's a great place if you want to hop over.  Abby has been mentioned by name on at least one video!
  • I keep up with other people with Kidney Disease through NephSpace, which is now hosted by Inspire.  I don't check that site daily, but it's a good place with a lot of information.
  • We use Picasa by Google to edit photos, so we naturally use it to store them online.  But, we have gotten away from being good at that because I've started posting on Flickr.
  • I post daily pictures to Flickr.  It's Yahoo's storage program, but does not have nearly as nice of a editing software.  I use Flickr because there is more community there, and am friends with a bunch of other parents that are doing a picture-a-day and are at various stages in that process. 
Official, Real Websites
  • Right now I am the webmaster for Laurel Presbyterian Church, my church.  Once I got everything set up, it's much more just regular upkeep and changing things on the front page.
  • At work I help out on our website, too.  I am in charge of updating committee information as well as information for all of the various teams that work for the committees.  Right now I'm in the process of updating the sites that we list all of our churches on to include their December worship services.  It's tedious, but gratifying when it's done.
Her question, though, was how do I decide what goes where?  Well, I used to post on Abby's blog about parenting stuff and rants, but now it's solely about her and her development.  I use my blog here for all sorts of things, like my countdown to 30 that will stared yesterday and will continue until my birthday! 

As far as photos, Picasa gets bulk dumps that I want others to browse through, like for events.  Flickr gets a picture of Abby a day, and on occasion will get other shots that I like or want to tweak.  I only put a picture on Facebook that I'm REALLY happy with, and those are not daily occurances. 

Here's the thing, it looks like I would spend six hours a day working on this stuff, but really I just put in a few minutes here and there.  I enjoy the larger community and conversation, and these sites are an easy outlet since I work in a small office! 

So, where do you hang on the web?  Any place I should add?

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