November 13, 2008


I wanted to blog about this last week, but there are a lot of things going on, including a memorial service for a woman barely older than I am, that have made my computer time a little more limited. I'm okay with that. I think I have finally found a good online/real-life balance again.

On Monday night I told Anny that if divorce was not so expensive, I would push her for one right now.  Before you think that there is trouble in our little paradise, let me assure you that all is well in our lives, home and marriage.  It's that last word that is troubling me.

Last week California took away the legal rights that had finally been granted to the LGBT community - that of marriage - with Proposition 8.  I guess I had only been reading liberal websites, because it looked to me like it would be overwhelmingly defeated by what I could tell. 

I just can not wrap my mind around knowingly taking away someone's rights that you enjoy yourself. 

Please do not quote to me from the Bible - I can not believe that God wants for some of us to have freedoms that others do not.  Do not tell me that "God intended for marriage between one woman and one man" because that is not where marriage came from.  If you look, from the Old Testament, marriage was typically between one man and many women.  Not exactly something that would fly these days.  Later it was merely a way to unite two land-owning families.

Here is Keith Olberman's response to the vote.  He pretty much sums up my thoughts.

If you view it as protection for children, ponder this... Would it be better for a child to grow up in a loving household of two parents, regardless of gender, or to have a split home where parents are fighting all the time and calling each other names?  If you're against gay marriage for the sake of "the family" perhaps we should outlaw divorce too.

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Here's another way to think about it: more marriages means more money for your state/county budget.  Yes, you can think about this issue in a number of ways, why not just make it about cashola?  If you are denying the rights of same sex couples from marrying, really you should be charged more in taxes to make up the difference, because getting married is not a cheap affair.  Not just the state/county fees, but think about all of the people being out of work that could be catering, singing and organizing more weddings.

Civil Unions does not do justice, either.  That's not true - how about make everyone do a Justice of the Peace Civil Union and not call it marriage.  The playing field needs to be leveled. 

I'm closing comments because I don't want to argue about this - and I know that I differ from some of your views.  I don't need more conversation.  I need for people to think differently - to be differently.

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