November 11, 2008

It's Only a Word, Right?

Anny and I have been in conversation for about six years now about the use of a word.  Turns out that the dictionary supports both of us (Stupid Websters, won't pick a side!) so that was of no use. 

The word causing such great debate?  Cuddle.

You can imagine how many times the word "cuddle" gets used when you have the most adorable toddler in the world, so it drives one of us crazy when it is used in an alternative fashion.  I will not say which way I think is right and which side Anny falls on, so that I don't skew the results. 

So, using the poll feature on the right, please choose which of the following is correct in your opinion:
  1. Abby's napping, so I'm going to go cuddle her.
  2. Abby's napping, so I'm going to go cuddle with her.
I know that the only correct one would be "Abby's napping, leave her the heck alone," but that's not an option! 

So, please vote on the right.


  1. Ah. I cannot vote, because I think both are correct, but do mean different things. When you say, "I'm going to cuddle her," you mean you want to give your baby a squeeze, but that she may not participate. "I'm going to cuddle with her," however, means that you expect her to be a willing participant in the cuddling.

    Now no form of "cuddle" looks like a real word. Thanks!

  2. I concur with Natalie. The only other example I can think of to illustrate the point may or may not be inappropriate but bear with me. It's like I'm going to go bathe her and I'm going to go bathe with her. Same principle. Hmm I wish I could post this comment... but the words for the verification thingy won't show up.

  3. While not formalizing the difference like Natalie, I believe that either is acceptable. Still, I voted for the one that I'm more familiar & comfortable with.

  4. I'm with Natalie, Stephanie, and Chere'!