November 07, 2008

Quick Hits for November 7

I have so much to say. I really need to blog more regularly. Here goes:

1 - I'm elated beyond words at the Obama Presidency that will be coming.  I hear he's already in town (or on his way) to get things geared up for January 20th.  This is amazing:

2 - Abby is teeting really badly this week.  I stayed home Monday because she had such a high fever that daycare would not have allowed her to come.  Thursday morning she cried unless she was eating - and even then it was wimpering.  We believe that this might be the two year molars coming in.  Bad because it sucks in general to have a teething baby, good because it means that we won't have to deal with teeth for a long time after these come in. 

3 - We have started a compost pile with the goal of composting the leaves from our yard.  The problem is that the leaves are not really falling in OUR yard.  Would it be awkward to rake a neighbors lawn to harvest their leaves?  (Yes)

4 - I'm thankful for technology.  I have recently been going through old pictures of myself for a birthday project I'm working on.  It's really hard to figure out when a couple of the school pictures are from.  There are a few fuzzy years in my life for various reasons.  Abby will never have to deal with this, because the computer will tell her when the pictures are from!

5 - We're going to a memorial service tomorrow for a friend who died way too young.  She fought with lung cancer for a few years, but that does not make it less unbelievable.  I worked with her when I was at Camp Glenkirk and she was great at balance and humor.  It's really hard for me to think about the fact that she was only 36.  We will go tomorrow to mourn with our extended church family and celebrate a life taken too early.

6 - It's hard to maintain my positive outlook on life when thinking about #5.

I have some blog posts that I'm going to be writing this weekend because it's really healthy for me to share with people, and this is a healthy way for me to do that.  Beginning soon there will be a post-a-day project leading up to my 30th birthday next month! 

What are you doing this weekend?

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