September 26, 2008

So Much Stuff, So Little Time

I have four half-written posts that are not ready to be finished today.  Instead, I'll skim over a few topics and try to start some trouble....

1 - Tonight's scheduled debate should go on as scheduled.  JM and BO were in town yesteraday, as they should have been, but there is no need for them to stick around and cloud the process that already has too many hands in the pot.  I think that McCain is too nervous about having his previous comments coming back to hit him at this particular time.  (Think: "I don't really understand budgets" from earlier this year.)  Obama is right to have said that the president needs to know how to handle more than one thing at once, and if McCain can not take the time to answer questions to the American people then I really do not want him in charge come January.

2 - Abby's sleep routine was beautiful this week, until last night.  I suppose that one night out of six is good for such a major change.  We have made a conscious decision not to jump-and-bolt in the middle of the night when she wakes up and cries.  The first night was hard - she woke up and screamed on three occasions.  The second night it was twice.  The third and fourth were two screaming fits.  Then we got two nights of peaceful slumber for all three of us.  Now she's back to cutting teeth, but I'm hopeful that we will have better nights ahead now that we have set up good habits.

3 - The National Book Festival is tomorrow on the National Mall. We were planning to go in the morning, but they're calling for rain.  I think we're going in the afternoon so that we can see what it's like.  They have a large section for children, teens and family books and exhibits.  (If you're going, let me know and maybe we can meet up.  If you weren't planning to go, but want to hang out, we would love company!)

4 - The draft posts are: Family Routines; Building Communities; Good Healthcare and a Single Doctor.  They're all pretty in depth and I want to be sure that I flesh them out.  Maybe I'll do that while watching TV this evening....

5 - I'm re-organizing my Itunes at home.  I went through all of our CD's and converted the songs that we wanted to mp3's so that we don't have as much to store in the house.  That was a fun project and I got to listen to a lot of music that I hadn't heard in a LONG time.  Hello Vertical Horizon!  Now that I've put an additional 600+ songs onto our computer, I've been spending time between the girls leaving for school and my leaving for work sorting out playlists.  It's fun, but takes a long time since I'm looking through 4906 songs!

6 - How are you?  What are you up to?  If I was to read ONE blog to expand my reading today, where would you suggest I read?


  1. 3 - I'll chat with mom, though the rain looks foreboding.

    5 - That's a lot of music. I need to do this sometime. Most of its on the ipod but not anywhere else.

    6 - I'm ok thanks. I will pass on two blog links that I read regularly, though I'm not sure of their broad appeal ... SLOG is a seattle newspaper's blog, super liberal, can be randomly fun

    and blogging about academia from a female physical sciences faculty. no really, its good, i swear:

  2. 3 - ooh National Book Festival! You would think I would remember this since it's advertised on pretty much every Metro car I ride! Not sure if we'll make it, given the weather...

    6 - We're doing pretty well. Just busy. There are tons of blogs that I love, so I'll just pick one for now (more later):, "A blog about begetting and spending." Nice stuff, there, and my friend Jennifer writes for it!