September 10, 2008

A Cause Worth Supporting

Remember when I asked you how you choose where to give money?  Well, if you don't have any ideas for how to spend that money marked "charity" in your budget, let me point you in the direction of this years Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day and my crazy friend Charlene.

But first, why I will give my money to SGKomen.  I'm confident that most of you have been touched by cancer, either yourself or someone you love.  This is true for me and my family as well.  My grandmother died in the spring of 1999 of various forms of cancer, but it began with breast cancer.   I remember how hard it was for her every day.

My friend Charlene works in an Oncology office and works every day with patients in all stages of dealing with cancer.  I am not sure if even she knows this, but my Grandma Pat was a patient at the office that Charlene works at.  They do amazing things, but cancer is hard to beat, and every dollar toward the cause is valued.

This year Charlene is putting herself even more into their lives by walking 60 miles (!!!!) over the course of three days in order to raise money for the Susan G Komen fund. 

If you have a moment and a few dollars to spare, please visit her website HERE to donate.  (You will notice that she is a red head, and us "gingers" always look out for one another!)  Her goal is lofty, but I know she will reach it.  The walk is the first weekend in October, and you can bet that I will follow up with a post about how great she has done!  Since I'm a bad friend and have not replied to her numerous emails over the last two months, I'm heading over there now with my debit card in hand.  I hope you will too.

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