September 22, 2008

My Weekend ROCKED!

My Facebook message says "Glad for an awesome weekend, sad it was too short."  My sister commented to ask why, and I realized that in all of the hubub, I haven't updated my blog since Wednesday!

On Friday afternoon I got motivated at the office to clean out our storage unit in the basement.  This "room" is very cluttered, and not with the right stuff.  There are boxes of old books that have since been reprinted, old financial records that can't be tossed until January of next year, and old blueprints for churches.  Okay, old blueprints, most of which are for churches, but some are for closed churches, camps or other properties that we no longer own.  Fun.  I brought one of the four boxes up and began sorting.  This will be a several-weeks process, and I'm okay with that. 

Because I got so much done here, I headed home and chipped away at some more of my attic cleaning project.  We bought our house from the family, and still have not gotten to cleaning everything out of the attic.  There is some pretty cool stuff up there, but also some trash and things that have been out of date for years.  (i.e. a crib that, by todays standards, would implode immediately and burst into flames!)  I got enough done to be happy and leave the rest for a cooler day, hopefully in a few weeks. Anyway.

On Saturday we did our normal morning routine:
Farmer's Market
Eat our Farmer's Market pastries
Wash diapers
Grocery Shop

We did a detour on the way to the grocery store to support our friend Charlene's fundraising efforts for her crazy three day journey in a couple of weeks.  They were having a bake sale and a yard sale.  We spent a few dollars on each of those, in addition to a check for just walking.  Worth every penny.

On Saturday afternoon Anny had a friend over to do some scrapbooking.  I don't really deal well with printed pictures.  I view the internet as my scrapbook.  With that in mind, I grabbed Abby and we took off for the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge.  We had a nice hike, just the two of us.  The weather would not have allowed me to take her shopping or anything like that, and I'm glad that we didn't.  I stopped along the way several times and let her out of the stroller to play.  I got a couple of nice pictures, and one amazing one.  You'll have to wait until Wednesday for that one, sorry. 

Saturday night we had dinner with my brother and his wife.  They are so great with Abby, but struggled with the concept of an early dinner.  I think they understand, and hope that if they don't that they will soon.  :o)

Sunday night we went to dinner with friends.  This is where the awesomeness stopped.  Abby was just way too overspent to enjoy a quiet dinner, so Anny and I ate in shifts.  That's never fun. By the time we got home, and not very late I must say, Abby skpped her bath and went straight to sleep.  It's adorable and annoying, both at the same time.

What did you do this weekend?

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