September 16, 2008

I Need Ideas People!

Okay, so you know that I'm on a mission to take and post 365 pictures of Abby on our Flickr site from her first birthday to her second.  What you don't know is that I'm so creative sometimes that it's paralyzing.  I get all of these thoughts and I need someone to keep me in check.

Anyway, shot/day number 100 is Friday!  I need some inspiration people!

My question to you is this, what should my 100th shot be:

A collage of my 10 favorites?
A picture of Abby blocks that spell "one hundred" (or simply "100")?
A picture of her an I together, since really it takes two of us to make this happen?
Something completely different?  (Would love to have a suggestion!)

Thanks for any advice or inspiration!


  1. A picture of her with 100 balloons!

    Floating away...

    Maybe not my best idea. Sorry. Nevermind.

  2. Preconceptualization: that's when you get a picture in your head of what you want your actual picture to look like.

    Relax. Take picures. Stage them. Stage lots of them. Play with it. Try something on the spur of the moment. Click away. Surprise yourself.