June 05, 2008

Yes, I Made Abby Watch

I did not make Abby stay up for the game, and honestly I missed most of it because of a meeting and sleep. Thanks to our new HD DVR, Abby and I watched the game this morning to watch the Red Wings win the Cup. I explained the Cup and the Conn Smythe (MVP) trophy.

Honestly, she was glued to the TV. I think that I am raising her right! Hopefully next season we will get to GO to a game during the finals...


  1. I watched too and thought I was going to have a heart attack in the last few seconds when the puck was so close to going in. I was not thrilled with what happened last night.

  2. poor little girl doesn't even know she's being brainwashed. LOL

  3. I can't stand hockey. never have been a fan. My husband used to go to some of our local games (Carolina Hurricanes) and we took the kids to one game this season for a work event. But #2 is OBSESSED with hockey. Obsessed. Plays it all the time. I have a 1/2 written blog entry about it, complete with photos. Maybe you'll be so lucky and Abby will become a little hockey girl :)