June 20, 2008

Married to a Institution Teacher

(Sorry for the silly title, I've been jealous of the strikethrough abuse over at Stark Raving Dads for a while and had to use it myself!)

The Summer officially begins tomorrow, but that is only according to the sun. According to our society it begins on Memorial Day, which is fine with me. According to my household, Summer began on Tuesday.

Summer is a different time of year, almost a different life, than the other nine months when you're in a relationship with a teacher. While your schedule stays the same they are able to sleep in and stay up late. They are able to lounge all day, or take a jaunt to have lunch with friends. You are stuck. In the same old grind. All. Day. Long.

There are many other things that are signs that the season has changed.

My office phone rings. Often.
When school is in session, Anny and I do not speak from the time she leaves for work until she is in the car on her way home. It's a bit weird, mostly because it ends up that I talk to my friend Bryan more than I talk to my wife some weeks. During the summer, though, I receive random calls throughout the entire day. First day out I got three. Thursday I received at least twice that many.

Things at home are relaxed.
With all of the extra time on her hands, Anny is much more relaxed in the evenings and that makes for a better day all around. It might have to do with the fact that there's more free time, but so far this summer week I believe that it is the extra mommy-daughter time. I love that they get this time together, but I'm honestly jealous.

Things in my head are mixed.
Again, I'm jealous of the extra time that the girls get to spend together. I might have to steal Abby to myself one of these weekend days and send Anny packing.

The hours during the school year are penance for the summers free. Do not ever tell a teacher that they have it easy because they have the summer off. With the amount of stress and (sometimes) horror of teaching, this is well earned.

But I wish it was my schedule too....

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  1. I like to take a picture with my phone when the girls and I are out doing something fun, and send it to Paul. I often get a text back along the lines of, "Maybe once all of our kids are done nursing, we can trade places."

    Hmm. I guess I'm never weaning anybody.

    Alas, it's Paul's lucrative field that allows me to stay home (barely); publishing just doesn't pay quite the same way computer science does.