June 28, 2008

I Think I'm Pregnant

FOR THE RECORD: This is no announcement about any actual impending birth. (I find that I have to be careful now that Abby has crested the 12 month mark....)

Over the last couple of weeks I have had an intersting feeling. I've been feeling like I'm pregnant! Most things can be "explained away" but when things add up it's a bit weird.

I have had a bit of the swollen feet/ankles this week. (thank you kidneys)
I have been craving pickles. A LOT. (I blame the cookout season, but that's lame)
My balance is off. (hence the post about my ankle sprain on last Sunday)
I can not seem to get enough sleep.  (this might be caused by a certain toddler that will remain nameless)
I used to always joke with Anny about the fact that when she was pregnant, the only thing she would go through that I did not was the actual birth part of having a baby.  There are some days that I believe that to be completely true. 

Don't expect to see me on Oprah any time soon, but I thought I would do a kidney update, and this is what my kidneys are feeling like lately.

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