April 08, 2008

What IS God Like?

In our Parenting group we have been working through a DVD based curriculum and finished up this past weekend. One of the activities that we were supposed to do was "God is Like ......" We ended up in a laugh fest over trying to figure these things out.

I now ask you, oh Internet, how is God like: (responses from Sunday are in italics)

A) An Ipod? (holds volumes of music?)
B) Peanut Butter? (sticky, nutritious?)
C) Windex? (cleans your soul? poisonous if swallowed?)

There were a bunch of other things to compare God to, but these were the ones that stuck with me. So, what do you think for them?

1 comment:

  1. why is God like ..

    A) an ipod - goes everywhere with you ? (or can if you're willing?)
    B) Peanut Butter - truly great? or, goes great with chocolate?
    C) Windex - helps you see beyond your four walls?