April 24, 2008

"Give me a Call about your Results"

Last week I went to my nephrologist for a regularly scheduled apointment.

I'm decidedly starting with the good news: During the apointment he told me that my cholesterol has done well while off of the drug he took out of the rotation in the fall. Good news! It was a little high, but I had two options: diet and exercise or go on another, lower dose drug for the cholesterol. I would like to think that I'm going to diet and exercise this summer, so we went with that.

I did my blood-work (and pee-work, too) on Tuesday, called that afternoon and they slotted me in for Wednesday morning. I thought it was too quick of a turn-around, but they know the system better than I do, so I went with it.

When I saw the doctor on Wednesday he told me that I should have scheduled for at least a week out! I told him that his staff scheduled it that quickly, that I was expecting to wait for several weeks. Argh.

Indeed he did not have my full test results. Some of the requests are out of the norm, so it takes a little longer to get the results than just the normal CBC. He assured me that things were probably normal and that he would only give me a follow-up call if something came back out of whack.

Well, last night after dinner Anny noticed the voicemail light blinking. Sure enough, it was my doctor calling. Just left a casual "give me a call" and nothing more. Not good. Keeping my head up, I decided, I can call him Thursday (today) and see what's up. I just tried that. He's not in on Thursdays, and is out tomorrow. Dammit, I now have to wait through the whole weekend to find out what was so wrong that he called?

Something you don't know about me, or maybe you do: I'm an optimist when it comes to other people, but the worst pessimest when it comes to me. I think I've been conditioned for it, though. On several occasions I have been feeling better than ever only to be told by the doctor that the drugs were not working right and we had to try something new. Not fun.

So, there you have it. I have the next four days to try not to freak out too much about the fact that something is wrong enough with my labs to initiate a call from my nephrologist.

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