April 29, 2008

It's Me - Alphabetically

I am following up to a post from July of 2006, which I wanted to do annually. Since I blew through many more months than 12, I'm going to post it now. (Yes, something was taking up my time in July of 2007!)

So, the following are things about me, some things you know, some you don't. Here's my list:

A - Anny - my wonderful wife. We celebrated our sixth anniversary in March, and will celebrate her first Mother's Day next month.
B - Blogging - I have two that I keep up, but am working on a more global third. I'll post more about it when it's ready.
C - Child - I had to be sure that Abby made it in the top five, but Anny is in at A. Abby is amazing and I feel like she has completed our little family.
D - Dining - Anny and I have learned the value of eating in shifts, especially when dining out. We're also learning that breakfast out is just as nice as dinner out, and it's usually less crowded!
E - Ecletic - My musical choices have grown a lot since I did this exercise last. I could spend all day goofing off with iMixes. Right now I'm pulling together a great mix for Abby's first birthday. Suggestions?
F - Family - There are lots more in the family than a few years back. In-Laws. Neices. Friends close enough to call family.
G - Garden - For several years now I have grown pumpkins. This year we are going to try for some eating-vegetables! Since my list is limited in what I can eat, it was fairly easy to pick out what to try.
H - Hockey - I'm looking to get back into playing, possibly as soon as this summer. I'm hoping to get into shape by forcing myself to!
I - Immunosuppresants - I take these twice a day to battle my FSGS. Yes, there are other meds, too, but these are the long-term ones that are supposed to be working.
J - Jason - My brother and I are much closer since we've moved up to Maryland. It's actually pretty cool to hang out with my brother. Definitely brings my cool quotient up a notch.
K - Kidneys - for obvious reasons.
L - LPC - The church that we go to. I'm on the Session and have become the webmaster too.
M - Myspace - Finally canceled my account. It was useless. Stupid popular tool that is no good for me.
N - Now - I'm trying harder and harder to live for right now. Yeah it's fun to think back to when Abby did this or that, but she makes every day cool.
O - Orange - Though I'm not supposed to have the fruit, Orange is my favorite color.
P - Parenting Group - Anny and I worked hard this year and it was a hit. We have gotten to know folks a lot better. I've been toying around with designing curriculum to share with others.
Q - Quest - I wish that Quest Diagnostics were more efficient. This is my health we're talking about!
R - Redhead - I'm a natural. Are you?
S - Signing - I'm having a lot of fun learning with Abby, and get really excited when she signs back.
T - TypingTest - I got 74 words per minute with 98% accuracy at typingtest.com!
U - Unwithdrawing - Look it up - it just means liberal. That's me!
V - Verizon - Wireless. Home Phone. Internet. Wow. We have been debating how much we actually need a home phone line, though.
W - Wii - Love it! I wish I played it more often, but don't have as much time as you might think.
X - XXX-XX-XXXX - My social security number. At least as far as you're concerned!
Y - Yawning - I've been less tired since the time change, but I sure could go for one good night of sleep right now!
Z - Zamboni - Z is for Zamboni is a children's book on the alphabet that I love to read to Abby.

If you want to participate, please just copy and paste and change as is appropriate. I'm not a huge "tagger" online.

(Yes, again I'm weak on the "X" line. Would love to know what you would put for X as it relates to your life!)

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  1. I have to get my hands on Z is for Zamboni now. I must teach my son about hockey. He needs to live up to his NHL initials ;)