April 28, 2008

I Hope They Didn't Drink It!

Background: to find out how much protien my kidneys leak, a good indicator as to the overall health of said kidneys, I have to pee in a cup more often than a pregnant lady. It's not nearly as bad as the 24 hour samples.......

Turns out that the call last week was about two things:

There was no urine sample submitted.
My Nephrologist forgot to mark "cyclosporine" for them to test. It's an important test, and he forgot. I'm not too much in arms about that, really.

But the pee. I did pee. I put it right where I was told to. For crying out loud, I hope that they did not attribute it to someone else's file, which would indicate that they too have kidney issues that they need to check out. I hate the idea of that.

So - I have a new blood draw form, with the "random urine" line checked too. Maybe tomorrow they will understand that "random" refers to the time it is drawn and does not mean "randomly lose Rob's pee."

That's a relief four days in the making. Oh wait, that means that I now have to live with the whole thing over again - he didn't call because there was a problem with the sample. What if there really is and he just hasn't seen it because they lost it? Crap. I was so close to being comfortable about it.

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  1. Whew! I'm sorry they lost your pee, but glad that the call wasn't more serious!