April 23, 2008

'Tis the Season (UPDATED)

So, there is the passion that I have that I don't blog about often. It's one of those things that people either accept because they are with you, or are confused about because they do not.

There are things that I blog about that people get, regardless of their life. My kid. My disease. My family. If you don't have kids, you still understand that kids change everything. Same with disease. You all have families. You understand family issues.



I'm a hockey fan.

People either get it because they, too, are hockey fans, or they say "huh? they still play hockey?" It's not like football, where you can like it even if you don't. Hockey is not as easy to follow because it's much faster.

I played for several years back in high school. I have picked up playing again, though at a much MUCH less competitive level than ten years ago. (more on that in another post later)

But more than playing the sport, I just LOVE the sport. I have dragged my wife to a bar to watch Game 7 of a Stanley Cup Finals. I dragged my daughter along to her first game at the whopping age of five months. She's not yet a year old and has been to two.

I was concerned that the birth of my child might cause me to miss a game last year. Seriously. We were told the estimated due date of June 18 and on the way home I was genuinely worried that I would have to choose between the birth of my child or catching some hockey. Even worse - at a bar with my very pregnant wife and she would go into labor during the second period. I would miss then end..... It didn't happen so I was relieved.

My favorite team is the Capitals. They were terrible at Thanksgiving, but have changed things up and are in the playoffs. It's exciting to watch, even on TV.

We've had people over each of the last two weekends to watch Caps games. They play again tonight. Game 7 out of 7. Win and they move on, lose and they play golf all summer long. I'm not inviting people over, but will be up for the whole thing. Here's hoping there is no OT.

Only three hours until game time. Woo Hoo! Let's Go CAPS!

Update: April 23
The Caps lost last night. Anny say's she's not happy about it, but I think she is. She can have her evenings back. Abby was still awake for the first Caps goal, and was clapping. I think I might be creating a monster....


  1. I don't know - there are a few of us that are half-way between. I understand, though I'm not a sports person myself. I understand hockey better than any other sport (due to my education by a certain friend who was passionate about it. LOL ) and I really enjoy it.

    If I were to watch a sport, it would be hockey - or soccer, which has a similar feel. But my husband isn't a sports person at all, so we've just never really done it. I've talked about going to a game occasionally, though. He thinks I'm nuts. :)

    Football, on the other hand, has never made sense to me. What is fun about watching a bunch of time outs? It's slower than baseball!

    glad you're playing again. Everyone needs a hobby that gives physical exercise, and it's so much better when it's something fun!

    On the other hand, I draw the line at understanding the worry about missing a game due to baby coming! LOL In the end, I think you wouldn't have really been torn at all, though perhaps a bit saddened after you realized you missed a game. :-)

  2. Paul and I are decidedly not sports fans, but he had a really good time at the Blues game with you and would like to repeat the experience. I know he'd also love to start playing some hockey again . . .