December 07, 2007

Simple Pleasures Friday - Week 4

I'm glad that people are commenting on these....

SPF - Simple Pleasure Friday's

It is always great to hear from folks about positive things in their lives. Most blogs that I read go dormant over the weekends. I think that speaks about how we spend our time, and I don't think that it's a bad thing!

On a local radio station every Thursday they have time to share people's "Simple Pleasures." This is a time where people get to call in and be positive, and a LOT of people do. The hosts each share something that seems simple, but has been a nice thing for them.

example: The smell of a summer rain in the middle of a drought.
Seeing a kid's face the first time they try to catch snow on their tongue.
(I really need to listen next week so that I have better examples!)

You get the picture.

So, here are the rules:
Share something special that has happened to you or you have witnessed in the last week.
Place your Simple Pleasure in the comments below!

That's it!

My goal is that this is about community, so I will share my Simple Pleasure in the comments, not as part of my post. My other goal is to give you a place to write a little bit over the weekend, and to share in the joys that other's are experiencing.

Feel free to pass this along to others!


  1. This week we had our first snow! We got around safely and were able to share the newness with Abby. Her eyes were big and she was taking it all in. Her amazement renews my amazement sometimes.

  2. I actually had an incredibly crappy Friday but I'll go with the little boy, Marc, who comes to my class for inclusion experience, said "How are you?" yesterday and I almost fell over.

  3. I would say my pleasure was this week at the doctors office I learned that the baby dropped and she is ready to make her world apperance. I just can't wait to hold her.