December 14, 2007

Simple Pleasure Friday - Dec 14th

Back again for another week of seeing the positive things in people's lives. Please comment below with something that has been great about your last week!


  1. My simple pleasure from this week was celebrating Abby's half birthday with a video. I called a few people and had them watch it while I was on the phone. I'm really proud of how she has grown!

  2. And your friends did it without complaining? Good friends! I'm known as the blog/video nazi in some circles.

    My simple pleasure is being done with exams and luxuriating in free time without guilt.

  3. My simple pleasure is that I have been in charge of an Adopt a Soldier program for my husband company. We started with over 40 guys that needed to be adopted and I only have one left and most of them have recieved their first packages! So exciting! Also that our baby should be here soon and I am finally packed and the carseat is ready. Yea!!