December 15, 2007

How are YOU?

"How are you? "

What do you tell people when they ask "How are You?" I don't mean friends that you can be honest with, I mean folks you know through work, church, or other group. People that you like, but not people you would call if you needed something.

I only ask because I have fallen into a trap. I now have a standard reply, but I'm not sure that I like it.

Other: Hey Rob! How are you?
Rob: Can't complain. Doesn't do any good when I do.

I have two reasons that I don't necessarily like this:

1) Things are typically going really well for me! I have rough days, but overall things are on the up and up.
2) It's just not catchy enough for me!

A pastor I know through work always (always) responds with "Not bad for an old broad!" The first time I heard that I was confused. Can I agree, that she's an old broad? No. I just kind of laughed, which I think was her goal.

A man at church who has lived through some rough health issues recently also has a standard response. "Any day I can see the top of the grass and not the bottom is a good day for me!" The first time I heard this one I did not get it. Did he mean that he needed to cut his grass? Nope, he means if he's on top of the soil and not in it, things are good enough for him.

I want a catchy response. Do you use one? Do you want to come up with one for me?


  1. I did not know that you had kidney disease. Where you able to detect this early? I hope that you are feeling well right now.

  2. As a fellow FSGS sufferer I always say, "I'm going to fake it till I make it!" Love the blog