December 17, 2007

OUR Birthday

With a sick baby and a sick daddy in our house, our birthday was a bit muted this year.

On Saturday we planned to go with friends to cut down a Christmas tree in the upper part of Maryland. Their two boys are sick, as is Abby, so we scrapped that idea. Turns out that it was the right decision for both households.

Abby has been fighting with a chest cold/cough/snot event for a few days now. On Friday I got a call at work to see if I could pick her up from daycare because she was just miserable. Too much congestion to breathe, therefore she was struggling to both eat and sleep. I spoke with the doctor and got some suggestions over the phone.

Saturday was bad, but Sunday was much better. That's a good thing, as Mommy and Daddy were trying to be joyous about their birthday this year. We share the day, though the birth dates are four years apart. In an effort to make Anny feel younger, we're averaging our ages to a total of 31. That means that I get to skip 30 next year, and more importantly Anny can claim to be younger.

My brother and his wife treated us to dinner for our birthday. We kept dropping hints that there were two people at the table, and perhaps some desert would be in order, but before desert time rolled around, Abby was getting cranky and tired, so we rolled out. Dinner was also about thte time that I began to feel like I was not well. Today was confirmation of such. Abby is on the upswing, while I am plateaued right now, and hope to be on the mend tomorrow.

My sister came up here for a few days as her fall semester at college ended. It's nice to have her around, even if we have to work during the day. (I hope we don't get her sick!)

Tomorrow we take Abby for her six month check up and shots. Check up is good, shots are rough.

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