September 12, 2007

Pumpkin Update!

I gave up on the pumpkins on day this summer when the AC was out. I needed to vent on something, and the vines were growing up the outside fan unit. I folded back half of the vines onto itself, and assumed that would be the end of my fun, no maintenance project.

We planted the seeds in late May/Early June, and proceeded to ignore them completely after Abby was born. Priorities, you know. I based my decision to kill the project based on the drought we had been having.

I went out to take care of trashing the vines, and found a pumpkin bud. (no picture, sorry.) I began to water with our harvested rain water every other day or so, but didn't do anything else. This past weekend I went out to snap a photo of our one pumpkin:

(the dark green croc is mine, a size 12-13!)

And discovered a second one:

We're going to pick the one orange one this week to be sure it does not go bad, and hopefully to get the other one ripe because the nutrients will all go to one instead of two. We'll get some good autumn photos of Abby this year!

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