September 28, 2007

Good for Nickelodeon!

It appears that Nick is not the Nickelodeon of our time, friends. That's not necessarily a bad thing! (For starters, they have several channels. I remember when ALL of the kids programming was on Nickelodeon. No Nick meant no TV.)

I admit that I have not yet begun to watch kids shows since Abby does not watch them. I have a friend that started sitting down with his boy the weekend after he was born to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I, on the other hand, refuse to give in until I have to.

Anyway, I heard this morning about a good think that Nick is doing. Seems that they realize how much TV is contributing to the obesity of children, so they are going off air tomorrow for a three hour period! I would imagine that means that they are losing money in revenue, but for all I know it may just have their logo and a logo for Coke or something.

It's a part of their annual Worldwide Day of Play. They encourage folks to get outside and do something. Anything. They have a website to come up with ideas if you're fresh out of them. This is the fourth year.

I say good for Nick. I think I'll go out and play to celebrate! (Actually, I don't have a choice. It's Homecoming and Anny wants to show off Baby.)

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  1. Have you heard of Noggin? It's actually pretty cool. The TV now for toddlers is pretty awesome. However, books are better. hehe.
    Don't worry, I'm saving all early literacy materials for everyone's favorite Monroe!