August 28, 2007

A Family Game

Anny and I have not taken a true road trip in many years. A trip now and then to the beach is about as far as we drive. (We do a lot of flying, but this game is not a flying game....)

Our silly little game has been ongoing since a trip about six months ago. Our trip was not really even that long, just up to Columbia. Our game is...

Should that car be yellow?

We each drive 10+ miles to work on highways, so we see a LOT of cars everyday. Some cars look rediculous because of their tacky spoiler, some because there is a red door on a blue car.

Most often, though, we notice that people drive yellow cars that should never have been painted yellow.

Any Minivan (never seen one, and it doesn't look like an option on the Odyssey)
Hyundai Accent
PT Cruiser (Especially the "Woody" version)

Don't get me wrong, I can apreciate a cool car in yellow. It has to be yellow-apropriate, though.
Examples: (8/19/07 - I had to break the links because of too much traffic from folks looking here for pics of these cars. Not an issue for the cars above....)
Ford Mustang

You can start to get the picture. Yellow cars scream "Look at my cool car!" That just can't be done in a minivan, or most cars with four doors.

What other cars should be on the wrong list?
What others should be on the apropriate list?

More importantly, as we will make another drive to the beach this weekend, what kind of things do you do on road trips to pass time?


  1. Okay, so I missed your road trip. I was on a trip as well. But here's our favorite:

    We start off with a song (usually a really bad one, from the 80's), then the next person has to sing a something with a common word.

    I.e. "Can't Stop believing"
    then, "Stop! In the name of love"
    then, "Silly love songs"

    We used to lay this on late night drives from New Orleans to keep us awake. It worked! Brian's a master at it.

  2. My brother's Hyundai Tiburon... should that be yellow?

    PS- Look Rob, I'm reading your blog!

  3. VW Bug! Very nice in yellow.

    Anything by Oldsmobile: not OK in yellow.

  4. Now this shows we are overchurched morons:

    We see church buildings and play Guess the Denomination.

    Red Doors? Episcopal
    Mary on the Half Shell? (no brainer) Catholic
    Celtic Cross? Presbyterian unless you are in Northern VA.

    super fun.