September 17, 2007

Preparations A-G, No H

So I have to assume that most folks prepare for their childs baptism in some way. Arrange for a cake and some platters; do a thorough cleaning of the house; invite friends and family to be a part of the celebration of brining a child to the church (officially).

We paint. Actually, I'm beginning to think that we prepare for any milestone by painting! Before we were "ready" to bring a baby home, (if that's really possible) we needed to paint the nursery.
The weekend of the batism, though, we are going to have great fun with lots of people staying with us, and even more people coming through for meals or just hanging out. This has brought about another version of THE LIST.

I am a list maker and, more importantly, a list follower. When we were getting final things in order for Abby's birth, we made a large post it note for each room in the house, and systematically moved them to the "finished" side of the wall when they were done. Granted, a few of those have not been done yet, but that's another post, on a different day.

My MIL and FIL do not require much preparation. They have "their room" which actually has furniture that came from their house about 18 months ago. It still smells more like their house than it does our house, to be honest. (which is fine, just an observation)

My BIL and SIL, on the other hand, have not been here before. They had the first children, and it has made the most sense to make trips west rather than have everyone fly east. They are going to come for the baptism, and we're elated! But it means that we have to get some things in order.

Sleeping: We have three adult beds in our house, plus two for Abby. We're set for the adults, and are going to borrow an air mattress for Ellie the toddler. Ada the (will be) ten month old will need the pack-and-play.

That led to the decision to move Abby to her room. She turned three months old this week, and with the combination of her age and the need to let someone else sleep in the pack-and-play, we moved her into her own room Saturday night. She did amazingly! Slept for seven hours and when she woke, she happily stared at the mobile above her. If she made peeps through the night, they didn't disturb us because it was through a monitor, not 14 inches from my head.

She slept there again last night and did really well again. She woke up right at 5:15, which is when I've been aiming at. That gives us enough time to eat and get dressed before my ladies have to leave for schools.

Dining: Our dining room had some very old, very not-our-style blue wallpaper with birds and a colonial theme. Our dining room is also sloped. The front half of our house is. The combination of the wallpaper and the slope has been known to make people a little woozy while dining. Our little kitchen table will not fit six adults, a toddler and two infants, though. This means that we need to make the dining room into a dining area again.

I have already taken down the wallpaper, but now have to patch some holes and get some paint up. That should happen over the next ten days or so.

The lists usually work, hopefully THE LIST does again. I'll probably update here as I go along. We're glad to have a reason to get some of our house projects done!


  1. Why is it that we only get house projects done when someone will be by to see it? Why can't we get them done for our own sake? Our own satisfaction? Just Because.

    There's some textured wallpaper in my living room that needs to come down...

  2. we have an air mattress if you need it! good luck with the preparations!

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about it.

  4. I still feel so bad about all this! We should just rent a van, stay in a hotel, and not impose upon you! I'm looking forward to seeing the house, but you didn't have to add on a new wing for us! So sorry.