October 04, 2007

Kidney Update!

I guess it's been two weeks since I saw my nephrologist, but between Abby, Anny and I all taking turns being sick I have not updated you all on my kidneys.

He immediately gave me the bad news that I have gained 7 pounds instead of losing weight as he requested. When I told him that we have a three month old at home, he understood (a little) and told me that I need to lose weight before my next visit.

My protein levels are down to a manageable range. Protein spillage is the way that we can figure out how my kidneys are actually doing.

Most of my other levels are in the normal range. NORMAL (!) range, not just manageable. Potassium, phosphorus, blah blah blah. I focused on the fact that I'm the healthiest (internally) that I have been in more than five years.

He did have concern that my cholesterol is too low. Dangerously too low. That meant taking me off of one of my drugs! I have to have blood work done in a couple of weeks to be sure that my cholesterol does not jump back up, but he doesn't see that as too big of a concern.

I celebrated with a steak. :o)

So, news is good news! I agree with him that I need to drop some weight, and have for a long time. If you read previous posts you will realize that I weighed in at 185 before I got sick, but jumped to 265 in a matter of two months (less really). I have never gotten back down to 185, and that is just a pipe dream. If I could get down to 210 and stay at 210 I would be happy. (For the record, I'm not at 265 now, but I'm not far off) I can't do any fad-that-work diets like the one that worked so well for Anny because they all rely on protein overload, which increases potassium for some reason.

It will work out eventually, especially if I work out.

And that's my kidney update for the fall of 2007. I go back in six months.....

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  1. I'm sure there will still be plenty of warm days to bundle up the wee one and push a stroller.

    :) Hang in there.