August 01, 2007

I Have a Hard Time with Art

I have only been to an art gallery on purpose once. I went there to meet up with friends, not necessarily to see the art. (I have been to art galleries because we were downtown and didn't want to walk the Mall.) The art was a nice sideshow. (A REALLY nice sideshow, it was Georgia O'Keefe's tour at the Natioanal Gallery of Art!)

It is often hard for me to see art as art.

Pottery - YES!
Paintings - YES!
Sculptures - Most of the time.
Masking Tape - Hell no!

If you have not heard about this story, you can see video HERE.

This to me is some boring, lazy guy spending way too much time and money in his house. It's like a rubber-band-ball. It hardly ever starts out as a RBB, but once you have a dozen or so in a ball, it becomes fun.

Not art.

Am I way off base to think that this guy is more of an idiot than an artist?


  1. What is art? Fine art? Martial Art? Craft Art? Performance Art? Lots and lots of meticulus work art? Just because you spent a lot of time and effort does it make it art? (You know, one of the fine artists out there, spent 2 years counting, just writing numbers one after another on paper. He had stacks and stacks of paper. He does not call this art but includes a giant stack with his exhibits. He says he had to get it out of his system.)

    And just because you can look at something and be awed at the level of detail/work/inspiration; doesn't mean it is art.

    Masking tape=not art

  2. I am all over the masking tape thing. It's FAB-U-LOUS!'ll have to visit our house sometime. We collect visionary art, as in we have painted roof shingles, shoe polish boxes, and a kitchen cabinet door that we actually paid money for. We have peices of "art" that are made from Coke cans, a floor board, cardboard, and a window pane. Needless to say, masking tape is not a stretch for me.

    Here's a gallery for you: