August 22, 2007

Greatest Feeling

I am a morning person by nature. I am only ever awake past 9 pm by nurture. Sometimes nurture is not even enough to keep me awake, but that's another post for another time. I am also an extrovert - so if you meet me in the morning, please accept my apologies. I really am that annoying sometimes!

Anny is a night owl by nature. She get's up in the morning as necessity for teaching. Apparently schools insist on having teachers available and at school when students are there. Oh well. Anny is an introvert. She needs her rest to work the whole day long when other people are involved.

Abby is still a baby. She is still figuring out her routine. She wakes up sometime between 3 and 4 in the morning to get a small snack and go back to sleep. This is the pain part of having an infant in the house.

The part that makes it all okay is when she goes from completely awake and fussy to completely limp and asleep on my shoulder. This morning I could feel all of her weight shift from tense and whiny to completely relaxed and cuddly.

I could (and have) fallen asleep to the thought that I make another human being that relaxed. I konw that it will change when she's older, so I will continue to savor it each time she does it now.

I can't wait to see what other things she will do to let me know she love's me as she grows into a little lady.

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