July 26, 2007

What You Don't Notice Could Hurt Me

Take a minute and go grab your deodorant. No really, I can wait.

Have you ever noticed that line on the back before? No, well I have. "Please consult your physician if you have kidney disease." Wha!?

Do you remember being told when you were younger that deodorant would cause cancer? (If not, you must have had nice friends. Mine reminded us of it every day after Gym Class.) While it may not cause cancer, it can cause problems for people with kidney diseases of all sorts.

For years I ignored this. Then I decided about six months ago that it was time to at least find the one without that notice. People with kidney problems don't smell bad, so they have to be using something, right?

I settled on one and was pleased (Speed Stick, for those curious). When I made a quick run to Target to gather some final things for the St Louis/Iowa trip I grabbed up my SStick and, much to my dismay, discovered the same warning where there was no warning before. Bummer.

I decided that I needed to research to find out exactly why certain deodorants were a problem and some were not. I found out that deodorants that are also anti-persperants contain aluminum which can get into your bloodstream and further cause damage. Not a relief necessarily, but at least I have the information to find what I'm looking for.

After deciding that I really should wear some sort of anti-stink for the tight-quarters drive from St Louis to Iowa I made another trip to Target. This time I had the information I needed to make a smart purchase. As it turns out, Degree has just come out with two different Aluminum-free deoderants! Woo Hoo!

So, I want to know: have you noticed that label before? Have you cared? I have put up a poll on the right and would love to hear from you! (Yes, I am just trying out the Blogger Poll feature, thanksforasking!)


  1. I did not know the relationship to kidney disease but I've known for a long time (20 yrs? more?) about the aluminum "controversy" and the difference between anti-perspirant and deoterant.

    Btw, MOM's has a fine selection of aluminum free deoterants.

  2. I just bought a stick of Tom's of Maine deodorant (for more on that see my recent post on a deodorant dilemma of a different nature). I'm not that pleased with it but it's not worse than what I had before. I'm going to check out the degree... those are generally unisex right?

  3. I noticed the warning label after I was diagnosed with kidney disease. I asked my nephrologist why that was. He didn't know off the top of his head, but I let him read the ingredients and he said it was because of the aluminum (as you noted). He said that it should be ok, but if my creatinine levels started to go up, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to switch to a different one. I went out and bought an aluminum free one, though, and never used it.