August 13, 2007

The Greatest Compliment Ever

I have gotten the greatest compliment that I can think of twice this weekend.

"You look like a father. It fits you so well!"

The truth is that we waited and worked long an hard for Abby to be a part of our family. I won't go into that here, but that's an important part of why I'm so excited to have her with us now. She really has made our house a home.

I have begun to take the 2 am feedings in preparation for the school year starting next week (for teachers like Anny). Do you know how little there is on TV between 2 and 4 am? When it was 1:00 there were still the LateLate shows on. I have been watching all of the Last Comic Standing episodes and deleting them off of the TiVo as I go along. I have secret desires to try out for the show one year. I know that I have funny stories, but does that translate to comedy? I doubt it.

From August 2007

Here's a picture of us chillin on Friday afternoon.

I'm glad that I get to be her daddy.


  1. The baby looks great!!! Hope all is well.

  2. It is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing when you can feed the baby, then lay her down to go back to sleep on her own. I wish I could tell you when that happens, but I have no idea.

    It hasn't happened for Ellie yet, bless her heart, but Ada came that way. Bless her heart.

    All of my mom's friends were full of what an amazing dad you are. And most of my friends too, who met you and Anny Before Abby. "He should be a dad. He's great with kids!"

    Well, yes. Both you and Anny are wonderful parents.