January 09, 2007

2006 Year In BlogView

So I have seen other folks doing their Year in Review based solely on the first sentence from each months first post. Here's mine:

January: (no blog then)
February: Gramps - my grandfather on my dad's side - has very little on his "to do" list anymore.
March: I have what some people call an addictive personality.
April: Nope, not just another week in my book!
May: Now - on to politics!
June: So - I have been fairly anonymous in the blogging world for a while, only posting things from time to time, only commenting on sites of people that I know in the real world.
July: I have had to re-learn what the word clean means.
August: I woul hate to be involved in News Weather.
September: My boss has season tickets to the Washington Redskins, but could not go to last night's game, so My Brother and I got her tickets!
October: Okay, I'll have something more substantive to post by the end of the week, trust me.
November: I'm altogether sick of the political season.
December: We bought the new James Taylor Christmas CD and have not been disappointed!

I had actually forgotten that I will celebrate a Blogiversary next month!

So, that is an interesting project, since some of them mean nothing. (April) Others are still resonating (July)

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