January 02, 2007

My New Years Resolution

I am not one for New Year's Resolution, but 2007 will be a special year in my house. My resolution is:

In 2007 I will be better about deadlines, particularly as they apply to readying our house for the Baby On The Way!

The link obviously goes to the blog that Anny and I are keeping as the year winds around to June and our first child! We're both beyond excited.

But I really do need to do a better job about getting things done. I think I might get a countdown calendar with the due date at the end, because I have a lot to get done around the house between now and then!

Do you have a resolution? What is it/are they?


  1. I am so happy for you guys - and just a wee bit jealous. :) What a wonderful Christmas gift for your family!! I am sure you are totally excited and ready to paint the baby's room!

  2. Since I didn't quite put on the 20lbs that I planned to during the holiday season, I guess I don't technically have to lose 50lbs this year... but that'll be my goal, anyway. (I'm well on my way to starting, too. First step is to deplete the house of peanut butter bon bons - CHECK! Next, fudge - CHECK! Next, those yummy white chocolate, marshmallow, peanut, crispy things - ALMOST! Then I'll be ready for the diet and exercise to start again.)