November 07, 2006

Wax Advice

Our little miss Maggie (the beagle puppy) last week pulled a stunt that I could never have even imagined. She managed to knock over a candle.

Not a big deal, right? Just clean it up and get over it, Rob. It's just wax!

Well, we have prefered wickless candles for several years, because if we forget to blow it out, we don't worry about burning the house down. There is an independent candle maker out in Deleware that sells wonderful candles. (See the website HERE!) We really love to go into her shop when we are out there. She always has a smile on her face, and something new for us to try out.

Anyway - she sells very scenty and wonderful wickless candles. You put your jar of scented wax on a ceramic pot with a light bulb. Very nice.

Maggie knocked ours over last week at the worst point. It had been warming for about two hours, so it was completely melted. When she knocked it over, it did some major damage:

1/4 on the floor
1/4 on the WALL!!!
1/3 on the dog (very weird to have sticky hair on the dog)
1/2 on the couch.

The couch is the issue. We've cleaned the dog. We need to paint this room anyway, so the wall is not a big deal. The floor wax came right up off of the hardwood. The couch, though, is ruined.

One arm is completely waxed. We have thought about just getting a couch cover, but the scent is just too overpowering. I tried to sleep on it Saturday morning and realized that it is hopeless. We really like the scent in a candle, but when it's concentrated onto the couch, it's a bit too much.

Hopeless, that is, unless someone out there in internet-land has an idea. ANYONE???

We've got a replacement couch in it's place from the basement, but don't like the look of it. Does anyone know how to get both wax and scent out of a couch?

Let me know, after you vote today, if you have any ideas! Thanks!

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  1. I have a friend who sells party-lite. Her first answer was "buy party-lite next time!" :) Then she made some good suggestions.

    First, try rubbing a plastic bag with ice over it and peeling the was off as it hardens. This is the best option because it will get the color out. If that doesn't work, though, you'll need to iron it out. Put newspaper down over it and use a low heat iron (over a cloth of some kind)to soak up the wax. Problem with this is that the color tends to stay in the fabric.

    As for the scent, try multiple treatments of Febreeze. She said it won't come out easily, but with several treatments it may make enough of a difference.