November 02, 2006

Looking forward to November 8th!

I'm altogether sick of the political season. I hear that it's as bad in several states as it is here, and that's just not good. One of our candidates keeps talking about how he, single-handedly, will go in and change the Senate.


Yep. He thinks that he will go in and change the world. I appreciate that he has such high expectations of himself, but I am much more of a realist. His promise should be to begin the process of change.

I keep joking that when I am Governor of the state of Maryland, transportation is first on my agenda. Not making new roads, or improving public transportation, but simply put: get tractor trailers off of the highways during rush hour! I'm so sick of sitting behind a tractor trailer that cannot make it up a hill, when I can see that the space he has left empty would fit at least seven cars - not one ssllooww truck.

My other idea is that we need to eliminate a lot of the stupid political ads paid for by outside groups. Both parties, and almost all candidates, have picked up the pace of those in the last few years. The change I would make:

Any ad on TV or radio need to be the candidate speaking.

Simple as that. Don't run scary pictures that you got from Google Images with scary music. If you think that Joe Schmoe has run his city's school system into the ground, YOU get on the TV and tell me that. If you support stem-cell research, YOU get on up and say it!

It blows my mind how much money is being spent on advertising. How many houses in Mississippi or Louisiana could have been built with the contributions to just ONE of the candidates in ANY of our states? How much more money could be put into improving the schools in Baltimore is our current Governor had not spent so much money on his campaign?

Anny's sick of me watching TV right about now. I get mad at just about every advertisement.

Oh yeah - if you ever run for office, please please please, when you run TV advertisements on stations that support more than one state, please identify WHERE you are running! We have two people who are missing that on their commercials, and you actually have to hunt for it on their websites.

Sorry for the rant. It will be better on November 8th. Until next season anyway!

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