November 17, 2006

Stanger Than Fiction

I began writing this days ago, so if it is choppy, please forgive me!
If you're going to see the movie Stanger Than Fiction please either a: don't read this or b: don't be mad at me for ruining the movie for you!

Now that that's out of the way...
Stanger Than Fiction was a GREAT movie! It's not Will Farrell the traditional sense, but that is not to say that he was not funny. The cast around him was great, which I don't think that the commercials or interviews are getting enough of. I won't take time to ruin the movie, just put down a couple of parts that stirred my thinking.

The premise is unique, but simple. Will Farrell character is hearing the voice of the person narrating the story. The key is that he does not know he is in a novel up until this point in his life. He sees a shrink who tells him to go see a literature professor at the nearby college. Immediately they begin to rule out what kind of story he is in. They narrow it down to tragedy or comedy.

I don't know that I could narrow my life story down to comedy or tragedy, but it's a movie, so this was an easy process!

When it's established that the author always writes tragedies, and ALWAYS kills off the hero of the story, he begins to freak out. His solution is to go directly to the source, so he hunts down the author and shows her that she's not just writing fiction, she's writing about his life, as he is living it.

Farrell gets an advanced copy of the end of the book - therefore discovering how he will die. He reads it and realizes that in order for the story to be complete, he must die. He just has to.

She ends up changing her time-tested method of killing off the hero, because she now knows that he's a real person. She instead writes into her book, a deadly accident with a commuter bus, but he lives. In the next scene you see him in a hospital room all casted up. Not fun, but cetrainly better than death.

So - what it got my brain to getting at - If I had a chance to meet my Author would I try to change anything that has happened? Would I ask that my future be re-written for my sake, or realize that my particular story is written for the greater good, no matter what it may seem like to me?

I haven't had the hardest of lives. I lived in a nice area growing up. I have never needed anything that I could not get in some way. (Not that I haven't wanted something else, though!)

But maybe there are things I would have passed up, particularly my kidney disease. I keep in mind, though, that I'm not as sick as other people are. (read - it could be worse) I think that my kidney disease has been almost a blessing. My priorities changed, and they needed to.

Would I change anything that I could know would happen in the future? I just don't know. I don't think any of us can know, and that's a good thing.

So, this my questions for you:
What would have changed, in retrospect?
What do you know about the future that you would change, if you could?
What would you ask your Author, if you had one question to ask?

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  1. I saw this movie AFTER I found Abraham-Hicks, so it was, in a sense, perfect timing for me. It fits with the concept that when you choose what you want and think and act accordingly, the Universe (or your Author) accomodates the desires of your heart.