November 30, 2006

Tis The Season - for Music?!

I'm an eclectic music listener. On my Ipod I have something from almost every genre available, and always look to add others as I discover something new and fun.

Country? Yep.
Christian? Yep.
Rap? Yep.
Classical? Rock? Oldie? German? Yep all around!

Now is the time of year that I get to pull out the Holiday playlist, and it makes me smile. I have my Ipod on in the office everyday from about 10 until I leave at 4. This week I have been playing the holiday playlist almost non-stop. It all comes back to being eclectic in what I have.

Country Christmas? Yep. (Reba McIntire)
Christian Christman? Yep. (Reliant K)
Christmas Rap? Yep. (Run-DMC!)
Classical? Rock? Oldie? German? Yep, Christmas all around!

One of my favorites is Bing Crosby singing White Christmas. Simple and classic. Anny's is by far "Hippopotomous for Christmas" which is a bit rare and random, but cute.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Do you listen to you local all-christmas-all-the-time radio station this time of year?

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