November 24, 2006

Black Friday is FINALLY here!

I love this season! I miss working retail on Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving for those that don't know. I used to work at a sporting goods/athletic shoe store and loved every minute of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend!

There's something about the people shopping. Everyone is hopeful and usually happy. Employees take longer shifts, but are usually in better moods as well. Sales have just started in some stores, though others have realized that they can get some sales started a little earlier now.

When I first started at Champs Sports the holiday sale season was the "Big Six." Everyone was focused on getting the sale started exactly six weeks prior to Christmas.

My third year at Champs, we moved up to the Super Seven! I guess they figured they could get even more money with an extra week.

I left before they got to eight. We used to joke that it would be the "Elite Eight" and would have a college basketball theme. I don't know if they have ever gotten to that, but I know they thought about it!

I miss the working, but will do my part of shopping. Anny and I will head out to Rehoboth, Delaware, when she gets out of bed. I'm actually thinking about going to Target now.

Yeah, I think I'll go.


1 comment:

  1. I DID IT!!

    THey opened at 6, and I'm home already! Good thing that I knew what I was after. (Two Ipod supporting stereos)

    I got them! There was a line outside, and about a dozen of us sitting in cars waiting for folks to get into the store.

    In. Out. Done. Plan people!