March 15, 2010

She's Sick Today

I had already planned a late arrival to work this morning to meet with a structural engineer about the slope in our house.  We are not in the market to fix the silly slope, but just want a professional to assure us that there is no big issue that has gone unnoticed.  All about assuring a buyer that things are on the up and up.

(Okay, I could either go a story route or be graphic.  I'm going graphic.  One word to let you know whether or not you should keep reading or go play somewhere more fun: vomit.)

My day went from "vacation" day to "sick" day right as the alarm went off.  I woke up to the quiet radio, but shot out of bed when I heard what sounded like Abby choking.  Yeah, that will wake you up faster than a bucket of ice water.  I didn't even turn on the light - when I heard she was actually breathing (phew) I realized that she was throwing up.  Ugh.  Better at 5:30 than at 1:30 (am or pm, to be honest) but it's still something that we have not had to deal with in so long that I can't remember doing it, and I would be the one to have dealt with it.

I have learned a few things already, and it's only 8:15 as I'm typing this:

Lesson #1 - I am glad that Abby is small enough that a towel will suffice for a blanket. Laundry began at 7:15.
Lesson #2 -  M&M's might be a reward for potty success, but they are not a reward ten minutes later in a sick child. Gross.
Lesson #3 - Great idea on my part to have Abby aim at a towel the first time around - now she thinks that is the only place to hurl. Victory is mine from cleaning the couch and floor!
Lesson #4 - Garfield The Movie is just plain bad.  Even Abby could only deal with it for about 20 minutes.  She will watch commercials for longer than that!

She is still her happy, perky self, until it's time for things to come up.  Right now she's sitting on the exercise bike, upset that she can't reach the pedals.  She's afraid to poop, which makes me nervous for how the rest of the day will play out.  I'm leaving her in a pull up, potty training be damned.


  1. So sorry to hear that Abby is not feeling well. My little guy thinks that the bathtub and rubbermaid containers are only made for barfing. The big kid. . . well he's gotten a lot of things over the years. Potty training will pick up again. I am going to start working on that now that we have the binky gone. I know it is a power thing and I am willing to bribe. I hope Abby feels better soon.

  2. oh, poor pumpkin. Hope you all are better soon. We've had the stomach flu only a handful of times... God apparently knows I don't. do. vomit.

    (And now, watch the whole clan come down with it).

    It breaks my heart to see a kid getting sick. Get better soon!

  3. Poor baby. Poor Daddy.

    Try suckers for getting the taste out of her mouth, without giving her something to eat or drink. Avoid red.

    Mary Grace has only recently gotten the hang of puking into something (like a bowl or the toilet) at age 4.5. Sorry.

    Hang in there, both of you.

  4. Hope Abby feels better soon. And yeah, Garfield the movie probably won't help. Unless you intend to induce more vomiting to get the rest of the yuckies out. Space Chimps is another great movie for that purpose. Just in case you haven't discovered that already. ;)

  5. i'm sure she's better by now.....

    when kids are sick, all the rules go out the window! we do whatever we can to make them comfortable :(

  6. Oh NO! I hope she feels better soon. I made the mistake of using a mixing bowl as a "spit up bowl" once. It's been through the dishwasher countless times but still my kids get skeeved when I use it to make cookies :-)