March 30, 2010

Eighth Anniversary Post

03 30 20 02

Two palindromes. Those two palindromes, though, are etched into my memory, my life and, just as a reminder, my wedding ring. We did not select March 30th because of its pelindromicity, but because it was the Saturday of Easter weekend and we knew that it would be easier for folks that had to travel to be with us.

Yes, we are the jerks that scheduled a wedding for a holiday weekend. Sorry.

We got married at Camp Glenkirk, which no longer exists. When long-time campers or counselors talk about a part of them that was sold that day I can only think about the number of days and nights that Anny and I spent there together.

Anyway, not going to bore with the long story of our wedding day that began with my choosing to have a liquid breakfast, followed by Pepto Bismol for the next six hours and ending with watching ER that we had to tape because we had company over. Instead, I’ll just share three photos that I scanned in this morning:

This one is right after the “I now pronounce you” part of the ceremony, walking away arm in arm:

This one is sitting by a meditation pond/garden that we helped to build. It’s classic wedding-cheese:

And here is one that is pretty typical of our lives back then, and hopefully some day in the future. Here we are walking in the woods from the ceremony to the reception:

There are dozens of people that helped to make our day special, and I have thanked them over and over, and will continue to do so for years to come. I always tell friend who are engaged that it’s just ONE day of your life together, that even if things turn out to be quirky or don’t go exactly according to plan that it does not matter. It’s just a day.

But it’s a day that folks take a gagizillion pictures, so we celebrate it by sharing those pictures year after year. :o)


  1. Awesome pictures! And I love what you said about the wedding being just one day of the rest of your life together.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Great pictures, congratulations on 8 years

  3. Wow, Happy Anniversary! Beautiful, beautiful photos. :-)

    By the way, Rob, I'm about to leave you an award on my blog in my next post (prob. within the hour)!

  4. Happy Anniversary! From one long-time camp person to another, SUPER cool that you got married at camp!