March 04, 2010

A Little Face Time for Abby!

I've mentioned before that I was once featured on the cover of a brochure for the local pool when I was a very young (and skinny) boy.  I was not even ten.  I never pursued a career in brochure-facedom mostly because I'm not all that attractive and nobody wants to see me without a shirt on at this stage in my life.  Even ignoring the bug gut, the eight inch scar is not exactly appealing.

Somewhere there is still a copy or two of that brochure around, though I'm not sure where, and that's okay, because someone else has gotten into the brochure-cover business!  Here is something that was picked up by one of Abby's daycare teachers:

The little girl in the green box is none other than our Abby!  How cool is that? 

The brochure is for the Infant Studies Program at the University of Maryland which we have always been proud to be a part of.  It seems that Abby is too old for most of their studies these days, but we have always felt good about playing a part in studying all of the fun stuff about children and their development!

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