February 11, 2010

I Missed Wednesday

I missed out on Wordless Wednesday this week, but wanted to share this picture on the blog for those who are not on Facebook.  There are a ton more on our Flickr Photostream, too.

We got 27 inches of snow from Friday to Saturday last week.  By the time we dug out on Monday another batch came in and dumped a lot more.  I could not get a good measurement because the second storm brought terrible winds with it and we had drifts.  The hole that I dug for Abby in the picture above is no longer able to be seen because she snow whipped back into it with the wind!

We were lucky in that we did not lose power.  My brother and his wife stayed with us on Saturday night because they DID lose power and needed warmth.

The storm has given us opportunity to spend time with our neighbors in a very relaxed condition.  We've helped each other dig out, too, but that's not nearly as fun as dinner!  We had to get out or invite people over to keep from snipping at each other from being pent up for a whole week! 

The other big project we have been working on is Potty Training Abby!  In a moment of accidental providence, we did not stock up on diapers before the storm.  We could not get out to get any until Monday, even if we had wanted to.  We had about 8 diapers, and we told her as such.  On Saturday we had a couple of accidents, but a little success too.  On Monday the ratio skewed the other way and we had more accidents than we would have liked.  On Wednesday we had no accidents at all!  Maybe this was just really good timing for a snowstorm for our household...

We are planning a trip to North Carolina this weekend, but I'm hearing about some more snow being predicted.  We are going to have to make a decision this evening and stick with it.  I really want to go, but we won't do anything that might mean we're stuck away from home either. 

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