February 22, 2010

Another Busy Weekend!

Another busy weekend from our house with a total of zero photos from the momentous times!

Saturday -
  • Anny and Abby went to the County Science Fair in the morning to greet the student-participants from Anny's school.  Abby always enjoys new places, but the strange thing was that the host school is practically identical in design to Anny's - so Abby was a little put off that "THE GATOR!" was not present.  
  • After that the girls went to the mall, and ended up getting there before it opened.  I tell you, the only people at Malls these days are teens trying to escape their parents, and parents of little ones trying to occupy some weekend time.  They played in the playground for a while, got a soft pretzel and then rode the carousel before heading home.
  • While the girls played, I was at a Presbytery Meeting on the other side of the river.  It went off without many hitches (those all came ten days ago when a new location had to be found and readied at a moments notice).  They even started right on time and, more strangely, ended right at the docketed time.  I am proud of the decisions made by the members that I serve, even if others are not.
  • After dinner we got to babysit (weird word for me - just not really one that I use...) watch one of Abby's friends so that his parents could go to an evening party for work.  The two little ones had an insane amount of fun together, and somehow both drifted off to sleep without any hesitation!  His parents stopped back at our place on their way home to pick him up.  A sleepover without the "over" part.

Sunday -
  • The unfortunate part of missing the "over" part of the sleep over is that Abby woke up and then wanted to play with her friend right away.  "My friend is asleep in my pack-and-play.  I want to play with him."  Oh, sweetie, he went home...  They were back together in Sunday School, so all was well!
  • Before church we had Abby take a shower with Anny (a normal Sunday thing) to wash her hair and make sure it was wet long enough to.... give her a first hair cut!  She has had her bangs cut several times to make sure that she can see, but the hair on the back has been getting tangled very easily.  Anny grabbed the scissors and cut about an inch and a half or maybe two inches off of the the back!  No, we did not save it, and yes, her bouncy curls bounced right back up.  She's not a fan of scissors that close to her head, so there are no pictures from the event as I was tasked with keeping her faced forward.  
  • After a shorter-than-normal Sunday morning at church we drove down to Burke to celebrate the first birthday of a friends' son.  He is a cutie and was incredibly overwhelmed and excited to have so many people in his home!  Abby kicked things off by smashing his little hands in the toy box lid.  She quickly got a time out and we all moved on, but I can promise you that there were two embarrassed parents in that room!
  • When we got home Anny knew there was only one thing she would be doing - avoiding me and my affair with Olympic hockey.  Such a great day for the sport.  Abby and I watched a lot, and Anny did watch a little.
  • With Chipotle rounding our weekend out, it was a wonderful weekend!  I should hope to have many more like it and I'd be one happy camper.

For those either concerned or who would know what I mean - Abby has made no movement towards a movement since Thursday.  Her little body even resisted medicinal intervention.  I kind of fear what she has done to her poor daycare teachers today on that front...


  1. Talk about the eventful weekend! Are you rested up yet? LOL..

    Ahh, poor Abby. But ya know, whe she has to go, she'll go. I just pray that it's in the appropriate place :)

  2. Okay, that is way too much going on in just two days. You are soooo right about the mall being a place for parents to bring their little ones to occupy some weekend time. We did that last weekend, too. :-)