February 01, 2010

A Bouncy Trouncy Pouncy Fun Fun Fun Day!

Over the last week the weather folks have been telling us it would snow.
  • On Monday it was "hey folks, snow to the south, nothing here.
  • Tuesday brought "we can't be sure, but it's likely just going to be a dusting"
  • Wednesday and Thursday the projection went to "maybe an inch or two around town"
  • On Friday it because "big storm in the NC and Southern VA, but at most two inches around the beltway"
Well when all was said and done, we ended up with about five inches of snow!  Insanity.  We didn't even get to play outside because it was way too powdery, but it sure made staying home on Saturday evening easier.  (I heard that pizza places around the area had thrown in the towel and stopped delivery!)

Turns out that Anny and I both left the house with different destinations just as the first flakes fell.  Not a big deal when you're expecting an inch - but surely made our trips slippery.  We got out and back safely, thank goodness!

While Anny went for groceries and a haircut (and an "it was right beside the Hair Cuttery" trip to Michaels for craft stuff"), I took Abby to Columbia to a classmates fifth birthday party.  It was held at the AIRMania Fun Zone, which I had heard about but never gotten a chance to go to.  Their "public sessions" are from 10 to 2 during week days - so we're not exactly going to have a chance to play with their stuff often.  The set up is pretty amazing - they have eight inflatable moon bounces, all inside and split into two zones of four.  Abby was a bit hesitant, as is her routine when we enter someplace new.  Because Anny has never been on a moon bounce, she would be content that Abby never be on one.  Ever.  For her whole life.  Yeah, it takes daddy-daughter time to crush that, right?  :o)  (Anny was supposed to take her, but I was able to at the last minute.  Thank goodness!)

After about two minutes of staring at the mammoth jumping houses - she grabbed a friend and they took off.  It's funny, I don't know if she could tell from the outsides, but she picked them in progressively harder stages.  She started off with the standard moon bounce - square with mesh to keep them in.  They worked together, Abby and Abbie (yes, really.) helped each other up onto different pieces, and followed each other all over the place.  It was really fun to watch them!

I was really proud of Abby for working her way up and challenging herself to do things she did not think she could.  

I really should have gotten her a snack about halfway through but didn't think about it and payed the price.  She got really whiny when another party showed up and they were "restricted" to zone 2.  The pieces are about the same, just with different looks.  She was trying to be stubborn about it, but I can be even more stubborn - especially when it means not ruining someone elses' party!

The hosts also had pizza and cake for the kids (and parents, too) which was fun. 

I got to talk with some of the other parents about parenting in general and each of our children as individuals.  One dad asked if I volunteered at the daycare.  I was a little caught off guard, to be completely honest.  He had noticed that all of the children were approaching me (one little girl even dragged me around to help her find someone else) and many knew my name, or at least knew me as "Abby Monroe's Daddy!"  I told him that I hardly ever even pick Abby up, but when I do I am sure to get on the floor and talk with them and sing whatever they are singing and do their silly dances.  It makes a world of difference, let me tell you! 

And yes, I realize this will probably only be a good way to get to know her friends until she hits elementary school.  Then it's going to be catch as catch can, right?

I drove very, very slowly on the trip home while Abby slept to recover from all of the fun.  It was a great time!

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  1. We got a few inches of snow here on Saturday and they had canceled school on Monday before one flake even fell. Got to love living in the south.