February 21, 2010

Halfway There

Okay, after seven months of pushing, prodding and little success, Abby Roe has begun to use the potty!  She's still stuck on the #2 side of things, but the progress that has been made is being considered a win in our happy little home.

Because our journey was long - and hard sometimes - I wanted to share with you some of the lighter side stuff.  Now realize that this is only funny in retrospect and each ranked on a scale of beyond-annoying to this-side-of-angry, but perspective changes when you child goes from diapers to "No, I will do it by myself Dally" in the span of ten days.

As an important piece of info - we decided to just go the diaper-less route for a day or two to facilitate her training.  We tried this in June. And July. And August. And so on...  So, enjoy some of our frustration:

I'll Be Right Back
One morning Anny told Abby "I'm going to put the laundry away and when I come back we'll sit on the potty for a minute, okay?"  Abby gleefully exclaimed "OKAY!"  Once Anny turned the corner you can guess what Abby did.

Yes, she is so stubborn that she needed to go but refused to participate so much that she let loose on the floor in a 30 second span.

Not That Kind of Wii, Sweetie
While Anny was out I had Abby diaper-free.  We did the normal "talk" about when you need to potty, let me know and I'll get you there, but we're going to sit on the potty in fifteen minutes.  Wow did that story become routine.  When I took a minute to myself to go to the potty I came out to an agitated Abby - doing the "I have pee on my socks" dance.  As it would turn out, Abby was looking out of one of our big windows while standing on my WiiFit Board when she unleashed her whiz. 

She Wee-Wee's on my Wii.  It was immediately bleach cleaned and I haven't been on it since.  Just weirds me out a little bit.

No Laughing Matter (i.e. the TMI part for non-parent-types)
We're still a bit stumped on the poop front.  She refused for the whole weekend - which is a huge concern in my book.  Looks like we may change up what we give her for dinner and snack when she's home.  More fruits, less fruit snacks.  I would say "I'll keep you updated" but I hope that it's a matter that goes away quietly and you never hear about again, unless it's of particular humor.  Or grossness. 

So please, take a moment to laugh at us.  Now we can really say that we are laughing with you, because NOW it is funny.


  1. Since you've shared some TMI points, I'll respond in kind. Hannah was potty trained for at least eight months before she pooped on the potty. She REFUESED and we had many a frustrating scream fest trying to make her comply (not us screaming at her, her screaming as we tried every trick in the book).

    I consulted a more experienced mom who had been through this with one of her kids. She told me to wait it out and gave me some suggestions. We made rules (she had to go get her own pull up, put it on, go into the bathroom and do her business) and she complied. Then when my husband and I went out of town in December she decided she didn't want someone else to change her diaper. Now she poops on the potty.

    Take it from someone who's been there. Don't force it!! She'll do it eventually and it is absolutely not worth the drama trying to make her. I actually think we made it worse by trying to coax/bribe/praise/cajole/muscle her into it.

  2. Two things. First, that was supposed to say REFUSED not REFUESED. Second, is her name really Abby Roe? I have a Beatlesfan friend that just named her daughter Abby Rose.

  3. At least you all are making some progress. My son was interested for a bit, but now could care less. I was hoping he'd take to it even a little bit. I would love to be done with diapers for him soon with #2 on the way.

  4. hmm, we sort of trained prina like a puppy. (we have 2 house broken mastiffs) diaper free and caught her in the act. made a big deal of making it to her potty in time. made her go when she woke up, after she drank or ate or played - like a puppy. and made a big deal about how yucky poop was in her diaper. she just agreed and said pooh pooh yucky!

    TMI point - after one especially phenomenal poop, prina turned around to have a look, and said ewww yucky hotdog. i have not been the same since :(