January 30, 2009

Thankfulness from January

I remembered to do this for November but missed December.  I'm thinking that it would be good to look back at the things I was thankful for in January, even if only to continue this a a healthy practice.

I'm thankful that...
  • though sickness was a theme, we're all relatively healthy and comfortable
  • we're growing stronger as a family for a miriad of reasons
  • that we got to spend a snow day and a long weekend together
  • for all of the ways that Abby continues to amaze me
  • that a decision has been made about our future home ownership, and that things can begin to unfold for us here
  • Lost is back, and so is Scrubs!
  • Anny and I are learning how to take control of what we can, and let go of what we can't
  • the Sanctuary renovation project at church is moving along - I have heard that insulation is up!
  • I've connected with old friends, and met new ones
What are you thankful for from the last few weeks?

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