January 22, 2009

The Inauguration - A Different View

There are wonderful accounts and reflections about the historic Inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday.  There are literally millions of people that are more eloquent than I am.  Here are my observations as a resident of the suburbs of DC, as well as a person of faith.

On Our Experience:
We decided not to go into the city in the middle of last week because of a cold that both Abby and I are fighting.  Instead, we had some friends over to celebrate together.  Abby had friends to play with, and we got to share the experience in community.  Overall, a great day.

I found the speech overwhelming and inspiring, both at the same time.  I'm excited to see change happen at the national level, but am curious to see how it unfolds. 

I do have a minor qualm with the way that the whole service went.  I am a person of faith, but am very pluaralistic in my beliefs.  I was uncomfortable with the Lord's Prayer being recited during the service.  Many of our Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and non-believing friends and neighbors do not know such a recitation, and that is not going to help mend fences.  I know that Christians are a majority, but we need to continue to work toward being truly open.  I don't think that the service did that.

On Local Travel and Logistics:
There were road closures and metro station confusion all day long (and for days in advance), but it appears that things went off with nothing but praise. 

I know that the Metro system stopped collecting fares at some point during the day, which probably helped the whole day go more smoothly since we had so many people who do not know the system.  It will be intersting to see if they go to the Feds and ask for reimbursement, or if they really take one for the team.

It was a great weekend to play the Liscence Plate Game.  I swear to you that we saw at least 25 different states and territories represented on vehicles on the road. 

I have friends who made the trek down.  They said that it was totally worth it, but would only do it again if they know the President personally.  You can read Natalie's account HERE.

Our local NBC channel picked the wrong week to unveil their new website and slogan: For Locals Only.  Umm, this was not the week to be for locals only - this was a time to be from not-here.

All in all - I'm grateful to have watched, even if it was through the TV.  I'm hopeful for what lies ahead for me as an individual, but moreso what lies ahead for us as a people together.  I'm prayerful for all in power as they ramp up to work on the jobs they have been hired to do.

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