August 19, 2008

Sometimes it IS Easy Being Green

Remember back to January when I blogged about how easy it is being green? If not, read it HERE.

In the comments of that it can be very expensive and just not worth the cost to benefit to make changes. I disagree with that deeply, but I respect that we all have opinions on the matter.

What you can not deny is that we all get too many catalogs and junk mail. For a long time it has been a fruitless effort to call each company, convince them that you only bought the one thing from them and it was a gift and you really don't want their catalog. I did it with a couple of companies, but got really lazy about it. And lets not forget that sometimes it's just really nice to thumb through the new Crate and Barrell when you're waiting for dinner to be ready.

The reality, though, is that most of us have computers.....okay, all of you reading this have a computer....and if you're looking for Christmas gifts you're really looking online because the selection is greater and the sales hit the web more quickly than the paper copy.

Let me introduce you to Catalog Choice ( They have streamlined the process of getting off of mailing lists - and it works!

We love LLBean. Love. LLBean. We have been known to cross state lines just to pick up water bottles or some good clothes. We don't love their catalog. Or, more apropriately, we don't love the volume of LLBean catalogs. Take a look HERE to order any of the 16 catalogs for Fall 2008. I believe we were receiving five different catalogs from Bean, at least twice a year. That's a lot of waste.

We registered for Catalog Choice and Bean responded immediately! We still shop for their stuff, just not in paper form.

Companies have realized that they will save money if they print fewer catalogs, but without information from the consumer, i.e. you, they don't know that they should stick to the email and lay off of the paper. CChoice has caught on so well that a lot of companies have given them links straight to their sites, further encouraging you to use their services.

Bottom line is that this is a FREE step that you can do, that we can all do, to cut down on waste.

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