July 10, 2007

Any Good Books Out There?

I need a book to read while we travel next week when we go to Saint Louis and Iowa. I am digging into The New Father by Armin Brott. His book on The Expectant Father was really helpful during the pregnancy.

The New Father is for fathers in the first year of fatherdom. I am reading the chapter on the second month, which we enter on Friday, but I don't want to get too much farther along in the book! When reading TEF I got too far ahead of myself, and got things mixed up when it came time to talk with Anny about things going on with her.

I was also reading a book, When Not to Build, about reasons not to build a new church building - and more importantly reasons TO build. I got halfway through it before Abby was born, but I think that most of my questions were answered and I am going to return that one tomorrow.

I need a book that is practical but moves along swiftly. I have never been good at reading fiction, I get distracted by the twists and characters. I tell people it's because I am too creative to grasp someone else's creativity. I get lost in movies, but that's because they don't last long. (Watching Stranger than Fiction right now.)

I don't want to read crap magazines that I normally do on trips. I'm bored with SI and ESPN since hockey season is over. I also don't want to just plug in the iPod buds and ignore the world. (Abby would probably prevent that)

Any book suggestions? (needless to say, it needs to be an in-store book so that I can get it in the next seven days!)


  1. I know of some good ones for expecting fathers, but I haven't read a lot of post-birth books for dads.

    If you're presbyterian, I'd recommend the Bible. Lots of good parenting tips there.

  2. Oh! Oh! I just saw "Stranger than Fiction" a couple of nights ago. I liked it very much. Emma Thompson's pure genius.

    The best non-fiction book I read last year was actually fiction, sort of. It's What is the What by Dave Eggers--the story of a Sudanese refugee. It's long, but well worth it!

  3. The Omnivore's Dilemma - its really about the food industry. Fascinating (keep shopping at your local farmers market).

  4. If you're looking for practical, you can't get more practical than "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" by Max Brooks (I think Alex told me about that one.)

    Other really good books (but they are fiction):
    1. "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote
    2. All of the Harry Potter books (they'll suck you in)
    3. "It" or "The Stand" by Stephen King. They're really long but really good.

  5. Oh oh, two other suggestions.

    1. Fast Food Nation
    2. Freakonomics

  6. Update: I am borrowing Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. It's all the rave to some folks that I work with on committees, so I thought I would give it a go!