July 09, 2007

Surprise No More

Everything was worked out and timed perfectly:

On the Thursday we're flying to Saint Louis.
On the Friday we'll drive up with family to Iowa.
When we arrive, it will surprise the in-laws like nothing has ever before!

Info got out through several of the conspiring sources, so it is a secret no more. The factors:

Word was that it was only a surprise from MIL, so FIL knew.
MIL's father was in failing health, and she needed some good news.
MIL's father passed away, and she needed some reassurance that if she left early, we would be seeing her in a few very short weeks.

It's a shame, but a relief, that everyone now knows. I hate surprises, and therefore have always been bad at keeping them. If I get you a gift, I'll most likely tell you about it way before I will give it to you.

This trip will be a bit harder than the last couple of years, as we say goodbye to a beloved member. It will be easier for us, since this time we have been blessed with the baby. We tried long and hard, and were quietly jealous of the others in the family with little ones. This year, we can more easily share in the joy.

Surprise or no surprise, we're looking forward to the trip in a couple of weeks!

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