June 04, 2007

Visit Your Farmers Market!

Okay people.

I grew up in the house that I now own. Less than two miles from my house is a local Farmer's Market. Until last summer when we were bored one Saturday morning we had never been.

Oh my! GO!

I can't eat a lot of vegetables because of their potassium content, so the idea going was not appealing. At the grocery store there is no one in the veggie section as Anny and I argue about what is and what is not on "the list" of bad things. At the FM, though, there would be tons of people hassling me to buy all of their stuff, good for me or not.


They family that has the biggest spread is just that, a family. The kids don't want to be there at 7 am on a Saturday, but they are and they try to be cool about it. They always have a mix of locally grown fruits and veggies, as well as staples from other areas of the country. (i.e. cant elopes, which are good in Florida right now, but not here)

We even save money on the food that we buy versus buying it at the grocery store.

There are other goodies from other vendors, though, and you don't want to miss those either! Our local FM has a plant person, a (cut) flowers person, two people with baked goods, and a smaller, all-local fruit & vegetable person. (by person I sometimes mean people)

While our original visit was for veggies for the house, we quickly discovered the goodness that is "Farmers Market Breakfast!" Always said with the "!". Now we look forward to each Saturday morning just for the freshly made cupcakes and pastries in many varieties. We each have our favorites, but are trying to branch out.

We also have been buying a loaf of sourdough bread each week from the baker. Really great bread! This past Saturday I challenged Anny to branch out and we got a load of Rye bread too. Also really great!

So - moral of the story is that you need to go and seek out a Farmers Market near you! Some are only open on weekdays, and that's a pain. Ours is Saturday mornings from 7 to 10 (might go later, but we're early people) from May to October.

Stop by. It will be worth your time!


  1. Teacake! Teacake! Teacake!

  2. The macaroons are just awesome. (same baker as the sourdough bread)but he sells out by 7:30 a.m.

    I have not been there in years. :) See ya this weekend!!

  3. I bet the lady that sells the flowers is from Red Chimney.. right? She cut the flowers for our wedding right out of her field while we walked down the rows and picked them out.