June 25, 2007

Good Judge, Bad Judge


If you have not heard about the $54 Million dry-cleaner case, read the above article. It was a local issue so we hear about it about every other day.

The Basics:
Judge sues dry cleaner for $54,000,000 because they lost a pair of his pants. They were a nice pair of pants, but no pants are worth that amount of money, even with "mental anguish" as a claim.

His suit was based on a sign in their window, Satisfaction Guaranteed, was false advertising.

He got his pants a day late.

HE'S A JUDGE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Based on his filing of this completely useless case, I think he needs to have action taken against him by the Bar Association.

I'm relieved that the judge presiding over the case has common sense and ruled in favor of the dry cleaner!


  1. I forgot to tag you (and Abby!) yesterday. (Sorry I'm late.) It's a meme. Directions on Sunday's post on my blog.

    Neener neener. Like you have nothing else to do ;)

  2. I totally agree with you about the judge. I work for the court system (though not in Maryland) and feel like what this guy is doing is making a mockery of our judiciary! Actually, I read that the dry cleaners he sued are trying to go back to Korea because this has ruined their whole American experience. Very sad.